My Success Project

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My SuccessProject is a 12 lesson program that teaches entrepreneurs how to transform their idea to a successful thriving business.


jerryjordanNikki and her team are the consummate professionals, and have been very responsive to our needs. They have taken our vision and developed it into a sophisticated product beyond what we even imagined. I have been tremendously impressed with their website and visual design capabilities.” -Jerry T Jordan, President of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers

screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-5-10-25-am“Nicole Purvy created my business brand strategy, as a results we exceeded projects sales and profits in the first 3 months.” – Dr, Nat’e Guyton, Author



mark-mcneil-premier-luxury-rentals_600x450“Nicole has been a cornerstone of my businesses. She’s impacted our sales in more ways that I can mention. I sing her praises every chance I get” -Mark McNeil, Owner or Premier Luxury Rentals


Product Description


I’ve spent 2 years developing, and testing, a perfecting a program that will help new entrepreneurs to become better businesspeople through easy-to-use frameworks guides, workbooks, tutorials, & cheatsheets,

The end result is a rich program of 12 online module lessons, workbooks, pre-calculated spreadsheets, guides, and tutorials that equip you will the tools you need to establish the foundation for a successful business.

You’ll get 12 lessons plus 4 bonus lessons. Learn about each lesson here.

Once your complete the coursework…

You can go on to build another successful business

You can go on to build another successful business

And maybe even one day BUY another business.

This coaching program that will guide you to entrepreneurial success even if you

  • You know EVERYTHING about your craft but secretly know you know nothing about running a business
  • Haven’t actually started your business yet
  • Don’t have a lot of cash yet
  • Don’t have any entrepreneurs in your family to have groomed you like other uber successful entrepreneurs
  • Your business model or industry is seeming complex to coach
  • Don’t know how to find good help
  • You don’t see exactly how you’re going to get to your dream business but you know its out there waiting for you
  • Don’t have time to waste because you are so busy running the business

At the end of this program you will be able to

Predict your cash flow and even have enough money to do the type of creative marketing that you dreamed of.

  • Hire the right team the right way to get the work done right, giving you ease of mind to rest at night.
  • Work with the types of clients YOU WANT to work with.
  • Have customers that sing your praises so that they do your marketing for you
  • Have more time to dedicate to your philanthropic initiatives and impact your community the way that you dreamed.
  • Have the resources to enjoy time with your family and friends on your terms.
  • Be exactly the person that you were meant to be.


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