Even if you have little to no money, never ran a business before, don’t know anyone who has ran a business before, have no employees or resources to hire them, and the idea of running the large business of your dreams seems above your head right now (be honest).


If you became, or are looking to become an entrepreneur with the hopes that your path to success would be straight and narrow, and soon found out that the journey is much harder than you thought, then I know you’ve considered the idea that you need a mentor or a coach to help you through this difficult journey called your “PURPOSE”.

And it’s probably been weighing heavily on your heart to find one…

This, in addition to a ton of other things you know you need to figure out to get your business or idea on the right track.

Unfortunately, you know that NO ONE in your immediate circle has achieved the success that you see for yourself, so your immediate circle can’t really give you the proper advice to help you to reshape your life or your circumstances. Nor do they even comprehend the level of success that you dream of to be able to coach you.

But worse, you know that finding a coach outside of your circle can be insanely expensive (the really good coaches cost $30,000+), and you have absolutely no time to scour the earth for new friends in hopes of finding an effective mentor, who understands YOU, your circumstances, and your business.

Or maybe you did a ton of work to start your business (or you might not have even opened your doors yet but you have done a lot of pre-work) but you know that there is something missing. There is some information that you don’t know. And your lack of knowing what IT is exactly is keeping you from having success or the business that you dreamed of.

Before we go on let’s define SUCCESS.


‘Success’ to me is achieving a goal that lines up with your vision and your purpose.

So yes, you may actually have a business but does it line up with the vision that you had when your first started?

If not then, unfortunately you aren’t successful yet.

Or maybe you may have not started the business yet and it’s just an idea. In that case you haven’t achieved your goal yet.

Either way, its totally ok. We are ALL working toward something in our lives.

Even if you’re working on finding something to work on.


But I know you can SEE your dream business, but you can’t see how exactly you’re going to get there.

In other words, you can visualize Wizard of Oz’s castle in your mind but the yellow brick road is patchy, with lots of trees and grass and mountains covering major portions of the road. <– that’s a great analogy, except in this case, the ‘The Wizard’ (or your success) is very real.

Sometimes you simply don’t know what you don’t know.

What you DO KNOW is that you haven’t achieved your goal of being a successful entrepreneur due to:


•Your amazing ability to master your craft (i.e. photography, fashion styling, real estate investing, or even sales) but not master the art of actually running a business.

•A lack of quality staff members on your team.

•An inability to reach your ideal target audience.

•A failure to price your product or service properly so that you consistently turn a profit.

This is an extremely abbreviated version of a much longer list of areas that you may be struggling in the bottom line is the longer you struggle with these knowns and unknowns, the longer you will take to get to realizing the business and the life that you dreamed of.

And in spite of all this, you refuse to give up BECAUSE you know that there is a solution to your problems. Because you know that the path will eventually be laid before you. And because you know that the right person at the right time will come along and help you to overcome the many obstacles that have been thrown your way.

AND THIS…this dream business, is what I am going to help you bring to fruition today.

Because it’s already yours, you just have to take possession of it.

So even if you think, you’ve dug your entrepreneurship experiment hole too deep …or you’re behind the curve because you waited so long to start

…or your situation is different and unique, so your business would require an insane amount of work that no one would be willing to put in

(btw, you’re not completely wrong for having any of these thoughts)

There is a way that you can Shift Gears and be on a quicker journey to having the business that you dreamed of and in the process you will:


  • Become a better business person so that you can successfully run your current business and beyond (this business is just the start)
  • Learn how to turn success into a habit
  • Learn the secret ingredient that all successful businesses have so that you can replicate yourself and the process over and over again
  • Develop the mindset of a successful entrepreneur (everything starts with the mindset)
  • Have more time to spend doing what you love and/or with your friends and family

You Did It. You Made IT This Far!

Why everything happens for a purpose and your path here to this very moment right now actually worked out for your good

I know you don’t want to hear that your seemingly slow trek to success is for your better but hear me out…

Yes, it’s true that we see the occasional social media “celebs” that look like they got to success so fast and at such a young age.

But the reality is…

A lot of these “celebs” have so much social influence that it overshadows any deficiencies in the business…like, an INSANE amount of social influence.

Trust me, you don’t want success that way.

What happens if a social media platform disappears? (it does happen)

or a particular social media platform changes the rules of the game? (that happens too.)

So you’d rather actually learn how to run a business the right way.

But most importantly, we learn our biggest lessons in failure rather than success.

So the small defeats you have had so far, made you appreciate the idea of someone working closely with you to help you to your dream business.

Also, you know that you will actually get the most value out of a business coaching program now.

Remember how much you THOUGHT you knew about business when your first decided to start your business?

I know It’s funny now right?

You know now that you actually knew nothing about running a business.

But you probably wouldn’t have gotten as much value out a Business Success Coaching program like you will today.

Here’s how most entrepreneurial experiences happen…

3 Phases of Entrepreneurship

When you first decide that you want to start a business and you’re finally ready to push the go button, more often than not, most of you new entrepreneurs are making or hoping to make the transition from being an employee at a 9-5 job.

‘Tantrum’ Phase

Most likely you decided that you wanted to make the transition because you hated being told what to do, when to do it, and how to do it by your previous boss.

You know that you don’t need someone “parenting” you, so you begin your entrepreneurship journey.

As a rebellion against your job and your old structured life, your new entrepreneurial lifestyle includes the ideas that you don’t believe in having a set schedule and you will be your OWN boss. You forgo structure and schedules because you are throwing a ‘tantrum’ because you hated you old lifestyle so much.

This will be great for a while, giving you freedom and liberation. But at some point when the money isn’t rolling in as much as you’d like, you make a complete 180-degree turn and decided that you will do whatever it takes to make as much money as possible.

The time spent in the ‘Tantrum Phase’ can last as short as one month or as long as a year.

‘Sleep When I Die’ Phase

So next is when you enter the “Sleep When I die Phase”. During this phase every entrepreneur decides that they will follow every rule and put in as many hours as possible to make entrepreneurial magic in their business. You work long hours, you get very little sleep, and you do whatever it takes to get the sale or the client, all while sacrificing time with your loved ones and quality of life.

This phase is great because it forces entrepreneurs to learn every aspect of the business.

But the problem is that this phase isn’t sustainable. If you stay here too long you will get burned out and possibly learn to hate the business. It’s incredibly difficult to succeed at anything you don’t love.

This phase is essential and inevitable but timing is everything.

This is where most entrepreneurs get stuck. They never seem to make it out of this phase.

The business fails because they give up because the lifestyle is not sustainable. They burn out. Or even worse, they start slacking on the business because they grow to resent it so much.

The reality is, THERE will never be enough time in the day to complete tasks when you are in this phase.

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, it is imperative that you get out of this phase. At the exact right time.

This is where this program comes in.

I want to transition you as quickly as possible out of the ‘Sleep When I die Phase’ and in to the next phase, the “Work Smarter Not Harder Phase”

‘Work Smarter Not Harder’ Phase

In this phase you finally realize that you cannot sustain the ‘Sleep When I die’ Lifestyle, so you get crafty, resourceful and SMART and decide that you will work smarter and not harder.

This sounds great but there’s one problem.

How can you work smarter if you don’t know HOW to work smarter?

You don’t know anyone personally who has experienced the level of success that you are looking for AND that can ACTUALLY show you the ropes.

Even if you do know someone, then they most likely don’t have enough time to dedicate to you to ensure your success

Nor do you have the free time to work around their crazy schedule. By all means, you have a business to run!

In spite of this, you go on running this business (your baby) and dreaming the dream because you know it’s your purpose.

And deep down inside you KNOW the right answer will come along and show you how to work smarter like the successful entrepreneurs.


Because in spite of all the hard work and endless hours you put in for your business. You know that there is a better way.

Some entrepreneurs have family members or parents to learn from, so they have been groomed for entrepreneurship since childhood. But unfortunately, you didn’t have that luxury. Either that person in you family didn’t exist or they weren’t willing to teach you. The privileged entrepreneur’s path was easier because they had someone to show them the way. And you didn’t…until NOW. When you found us on facebook or through a friend, I became that defacto family member. Look at me, Nicole, like your big sister (I’m a lot older than I look)

You know that the only way to have the business of your dreams is to learn from someone who’s done it over and over again. It’s pointless to try to figure certain things out on your own. Especially when others made mistakes and missed opportunities just so that you don’t have to.


And if you could just make THIS business successful then you could go on to have more time for your family, and be the person that you were meant to be.

You Could:

  • Predict your cash flow and even have enough money to do the type of creative marketing that you dream.
  • Hire the right team the right way to get the work done right, giving you ease of mind to rest at night.
  • Work with the types of clients YOU WANT to work with.
  • Have customers that sing your praises so that they do your marketing for you
  • Have more time to dedicate to your philanthropic initiatives and impact your community the way that you dreamed.
  • Have the resources to enjoy time with your family and friends on your terms.
  • Be exactly the person that you were meant to be.

I want to literally reshape your mindset about your business and your life.

Reshape your mindset

When I started my first business, I failed, and then my second business failed as well. But once I earned myself a thriving business that actually functioned the way that I dreamed it would AND then I saw that what I had discovered to make it work ALSO worked for other businesses, I knew I had the secret sauce to a successful business.

I looked back and saw that when I was struggling, I was looking at the whole business game all wrong. My mindset was completely off. It was like looking for someone to make a touchdown while watching a basketball game.

And I realized, that most new entrepreneurs are looking at it all wrong too.


“Hey Nik…how are u? I HAVE to sit down with you and discuss my new business. I need your help.”

I get at least 3 to 4 texts like this a day!

When I first started my web design business, Lidyr Creative, I had no idea that it would have lead me to becoming more proficient in business success coaching than I am at anything else.

About 70% of my clients are new businesses, because the first thing you get when you’re starting a new business is a website and a logo. So I get first access to new entrepreneurs. They talk very candidly and openly with me about the interworkings of their new venture and their lives,

a lot of times before they even share with their significant others.

And overtime, while improving on my own businesses and working with my clients, I got really good at business development.

My team grew stronger and my clients were increasingly becoming better business people.

We then dove head first into business development making it a full service offering.

And our client-list grew to include multimillion-dollar businesses, and large professional organizations.

The impact we had was astounding. The reviews were awesome.

“Nikki and her team are the consummate professionals, and have been very responsive to our needs. They have taken our vision and developed it into a sophisticated product beyond what we even imagined. I have been tremendously impressed with their website and visual design capabilities.”

~Jerry T Jordan, President of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers 

I knew that small business startups needed our services on a larger scale so I started to create frameworks for the trouble areas that were most common, where I really dummy-proofed complex but essential business concepts that seemed like foreign languages to most.

I’ve worked on these frameworks for 2 whole years!

I tweaked and tested and tweaked some more.

And today, MySuccessProject is the culmination of years of study and actual implementation with hundreds of successes.

Because with the right coaching and training, you will be able to:
  • Know exactly why your business isn’t where you want it to be.
  • Discover your exact next step to rapidly transform your business.
  • Uncover the 11 key areas of business that every entrepreneur needs to be proficient in to make ANY business successful.
  • Know how to position your brand to communicate with your target audience
  • Set up systems so that you can work on the business and not labor in the business.
  • Get the best work out of your employees or contractors so that you both can mutually benefit.
  • Know how to manage the business’ money to use it like the tool to put more money in your bank account.
  • Price your products or services properly so that your customers get the most value while your business makes the most money.

And most importantly,

  • Learn how to become a better business person so that you can run ANY business

This is why I am offering this course.

At this point I can run any viable business and position myself for success in any climate. Of course life will have its ups and downs but I KNOW I have the tools needed to overcome any business obstacles.

But, I told you just little about me and you might be wondering why I, Nicole Purvy am qualified to help you run a successful business.

About Nicole Purvy, founder of MySuccessProject

I’m originally from Philadelphia. After, graduating from Temple University with a degree in finance, I went on to have a successful career as an institutional bond trader. I traded bonds for large companies…and yes bonds, like stocks and bonds. I was extremely successful at 25, making 6-figures, living in LA, 5 minutes from beach…

but I was unhappy.

I knew I wasn’t doing what I was put here on earth to do.

So in 2009/2010, because I love teaching so much, I started a web series, teaching people about finance.

Apparently, my web series violated the terms of my contract and

I was fired.

I was devastated but I knew this was my opportunity to do what I always dreamed of; becoming an entrepreneur.

In 2010, I started an online boutique selling women’s dresses. That business did marginally well. I couldn’t afford a web designer so I taught myself how to design my own site. People started noticing my web design work more than my dresses, so I started getting hired as a web designer. This was much more lucrative for me.

I went from designing websites and doing logos on my couch to having a thriving business, Lidyr Creative, with a great team in an amazing location in just under 2 years.

My clients started to notice how well I run my company in addition they also appreciated the business advice I gave them outside of the design work.

So we wanted to have a platform where other entrepreneurs could learn from us and share their experiences, so we launched BetterThanSuccess.com along with the podcast.

In the meantime, we started to package the business success coaching services up into frameworks laying the foundation for MySuccessProject.

And through testing and tweaking and testing, we are now here!

These frameworks and lessons have changed hundreds of people’s lives and had an amazing impact on their businesses.

Before I introduce you to the program, lets talk about 4 MYTHS ABOUT BUSINESS COACHING PROGRAMS that keep you from having the business of your dreams.

4 Myths about Business Coaching Programs

  1. My business or idea ready for a coach yet.
  2. Business Coaching doesn’t work.
  3. Coaching won’t work for me and my business…my work is too complex.
  4. I don’t need a coach. I know what to do. I just have to actually take the time to do it.

Myth 1-My Business or Idea Isn’t Ready for a Coach Yet

This is the most ironic myth of them all. If your business were ready for coaching the way that you think it needs to be, then you would be less likely to need it. All businesses and entrepreneurs that haven’t reached ‘success’ yet could use some guidance to help speed the process up a little. The reality is that some areas of entrepreneurship aren’t intuitive, so you can spend a lifetime trying to figure it out on your own. But if you have a coach to help recalibrate your mindset (remember it all starts with the mindset) from the start, then you are off on the right path.

Myth 2-Business Coaching Doesn’t Work

I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, and I can guarantee you that most problems and hurdles that they encounter can be solved by masterminding or coaching with someone a little more seasoned than them. Remember, just because you haven’t shared your intimate business life with someone, that doesn’t mean that your unique circumstances hasn’t happened to someone else before. The solution to most of these entrepreneur’s problems came out of a single coaching session. Again, a lot of times you don’t know what you don’t know. Your solution to the problem that you’ve been experiencing for months or years could be on the other side of a 1-hour online class, a PDF workbook, or one mastermind call. Business Coaching (with the right coach) absolutely works!

Myth 3-Coaching Won’t Work for Me and My Business…My Work is too Complex

This is my favorite myth because sometimes certain entrepreneurs’ businesses are complex. But this very reason is why I developed dummy-proof frameworks. Please don’t get offended when I use the phrase “dummy-proof”. I like to think I’m pretty smart (designing websites or trading bonds isn’t easy) but I LOVE dummy-proof frameworks. They let me figure out how a complex thing works on my own. And if I can’t, then the framework takes care of itself, even if I don’t understand the interworkings of a thing or concept. I say all of this to say, that we have worked endlessly to break frameworks down so that they will work with a complex businesses, such as a multifaceted Real Estate Empire, just as easily as they will work with simple business models such as an ecommerce business selling men’s socks.

Myth 4-I Don’t Need a Coach. I Know What to Do. I Just Have to Actually Take the Time to Do it.

If I had to guess, this is probably the most common myth. Unfortunately, it is probably the source of most failures. The problem is if you haven’t found the time to do tasks or jobs, then you definitely need a coach or a coaching program. This person or program serves as your accountability partner. If you know what to do to get to success but haven’t done it, then you need Execution Coaching. Execution Coaching is one of the most important modules in our program because we know that execution is the most important part of any plan or strategy. Without execution, your plan is just a vivid story.

Are You Ready to Learn Exactly Your Next Step to Get to Success?

And more importantly, are you ready to overcome the big hurdles in your business that you’ve been struggling with for months or even years that have kept you from getting to success as quickly as you’d like with a proven coaching system that has impacted hundreds of peoples lives?

A coaching program that will guide you to entrepreneurial success even if you

  • You know EVERYTHING about your craft but secretly know you know nothing about running a business
  • Haven’t actually started your business yet
  • Don’t have a lot of cash yet
  • Don’t have any entrepreneurs in your family to have groomed you like other uber successful entrepreneurs
  • Your business model or industry is seeming complex to coach
  • Don’t know how to find good help
  • You don’t see exactly how you’re going to get to your dream business but you know its out there waiting for you
  • Don’t have time to waste because you are so busy running the business

So if you’re still with me, then I’m super excited and insanely proud to present to you…

A 90-day framework that teaches entrepreneurs how to transform their business from what it is today to what they dreamed it would be when they first started.

I’ve spent 2 years developing, and testing, a perfecting a program that will help new entrepreneurs to become better businesspeople through easy-to-use

frameworks, guides, workbooks, tutorials, cheatsheets, & mastermind calls.

The end result is a rich program of online modules, lessons, mastermind calls, workbooks, pre-calculated spreadsheets, guides, and tutorials that equip you will the tools you need to establish the foundation for a successful business.

And then…

  • You can go on to build another successful business.
  • You can go on to build another successful business.
  • And maybe even one day BUY another business.

MySuccessProject is a unique one-of-a-kind coaching program because


• It breaks down complex business principles that most coaching programs will let just fly over your head. Lets be honest, business can be complex and unintuitive


• It lays the foundation for your learning with intense mindset training. You will never make a change unless you change your mind first


• The instructor, me Nicole Purvy, has had experiences from building micro businesses (a few sales of $20 or less a month), to businesses that generate well into 6-figures annually, and have worked with multimillion dollar businesses on Forbes and Fortune lists. So I understand both where you are today and where your dreams will take you.


• It works. See our testimonials

Here’s the Curriculum and How It Works

Once you enroll, every Thursday for the next 90 days starting on November 24th your weekly lesson will be made available in our member site here.

You will have the 5 days including the weekend to digest the materials and complete any workbooks or guides.

Every following Tuesday night we will have a mastermind call to review the content and answer any questions that you may have about the material.

What You Will Learn:

Week 1: Mindset

In this lesson you will learn about mindset and easy to execute strategies that you can start doing immediately to effectively change your mindset.

Week 2: Scale

This session we will do an in depth study that builds on the first lesson of the FREE Entrepreneur Success Workshop about SCALE. I go in depth about each letter in the S.C.A.L.E. acronym. Understanding this concept is essential for any business to get to success.

Week 3: Vision and Viability

Here we lay out the rules for having a proper vision. That’s right, your vision or your dream could possibly be WRONG. Here I show you what a correct vision looks like. Then we explore calculating the numbers behind your dream. I provide a super powerful spreadsheet that literally calculates the math behind your vision. Here is where your dream starts to come to life.

Week 4: Planning

In this lesson we learn how to properly plan. Again, you guessed it. It is possible to plan incorrectly. I will unlearn you of bad planning habits and help you to lay out a proper plan. I give you the single everyday word that automatically forces a plan to work.

Week 5: Strategy

Here we learn about how to properly lay out a complex strategy. I explain why every strategy should be complex. Strategies lay the foundation for systems so this is insanely important.

Week 6: Execution

Now hat you have laid out a plan to bring your dreams to fruition you need to execute it. Its not enough to know something, you have to actually do it.

We discuss rules for executing a strategy that prevent you from slacking off on your plan.

Week 7: Marketing Foundation, Digital Marketing, M.A.G.I.C. Website Formula

In this lesson we discuss laying out a foundation for any marketing campaign, regardless of your marketing style or marketing strategy. This is all about having the proper mindset for your marketing campaign, whatever it may be. Your current marketing plan isn’t working because you don’t have the proper mindset. I provide easy to use frameworks for ensuring a proper mindset change. We then go into to digital marketing. This content is full of easy-to-use frameworks and guides. I really dummy-proof these complex topics.

Week 8: Social Media, Email Marketing, Ads, and Lead Capture

It’s a lot. I know but this is super valuable content. This lesson builds on the last but we go in depth with proven social media strategies and we give you easy-to-use technical instructions and valuable little known resources.

Week 9: Sales and Traditional Marketing

This week we dive into sales strategies, techniques and I go in depth with my sales formula. We also learn about growing your sales with traditional marketing strategies.

Week 10: Systems

Products Make You Money, but Systems Make You a Fortune. In this lesson, I give you exact steps to setting up systems in your business. Trust me, this right here will put you 100,000 steps and 10,000 hours ahead of your competitors.

Week 11: Money, Finance, and Philanthropy (Social Responsibility)

In this lesson, I teach you how to manage the business’ money. I teach you finance terms and how they affect the success of your business. I also provide super powerful worksheets so you don’t have to be a math genius.

There is a strategic reason why I like to teach Philanthropy with Money and Finance. You will learn that secret here.

Week 12: Leadership and Hiring the Right Team

In this lesson, I give you some valuable rules to leadership. I show you step-by-step how to build your team, and how to influence others and most importantly how to serve yourself into leadership.


Because, I want this course to be super valuable to you, you get access to 4 Bonuses for Free!

Plus you get access to 4 BONUSES.

Bonus 1

Sales formula Course

$299 value

The idea for his course, came from a conversation with a colleague that started off with him asking me “Hey Nikki, I haven’t made any sales in my business in a while. How do I get my momentum back?”

I helped him solve his problem by the end of the conversation but he helped me to understand what I’ve always done so well to close so many sales, making me the top sales person in every job that I’ve ever had.

I created a simple mathematical formula that will turn any ‘Norbit’-type into a lucrative sales person. I tested this lesson out as a free webinar and the reviews came back so great that I started selling it at $299.

But when you Enroll in MySuccessProject you get it for Free!

Bonus 2

Small Business Owner Assessment

$57 Value

This is a 36-question assessment that assigns a score to its takers that will give you specific actionable steps to get better. We use it to diagnose which areas of business a particular entrepreneur needs to focus on to get better and start seeing more profits. This test is super accurate and you will also learn so much about yourself as a business owner. This course will be available to all student od MySuccessProject for FREE!

Bonus 3

Discover Your Exact Next Step to Rapidly Transform Your Business Course

$347 value

This course you will learn:

  • The 9 Key Areas of Business That Most New Entrepreneurs Overlook
  • How to Find Areas of Your Business that Needs the Most Attention
  • What to Study When You Discover the Areas That You Need to Focus on
  • How to Transform Your Business from the Business That It Is Now to What You Dreamed It Would Be.

Enroll and get this course for FREE

Bonus 4

Ultimate Time Management Strategy Workbook

$119 value

Get 75% more done everyday! This Time Management Strategy will help you take control of your time and finally get more done. Start accomplishing your goals, meeting deadlines, and having more free time than ever before by using the strategies in this guide.

Get this super powerful workbook for FREE when you enroll in MySuccessProject!

Bonus 1

$299 Value

Bonus 2

$57 Value

Bonus 3

$347 Value

Bonus 4

$119 Value


$2819 Value

You Pay only $1997

Enroll in MySuccessProject Now!

was $1299
NOW $349
A 90-day framework that teaches entrepreneurs how to transform their business from what it is today to what they dreamed it would be when they first started.